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In order to achieve full equality, we have to take into account that half of the population menstruates. A NEW PERIOD is a social cause campaign that aims destroy the stigma on periods and enter a new period in which periods are seen as the normal and natural thing they are. In order to achieve their goals, the actions have to be bold.The campaign aims to take the modesty out of having a period by taking a very aggressive and blunt approach that is in your face.We are bloody healthy - and that should not be a secret. Campaign elements consist of 2D,3D, and 4D materials.
The 3D pieces designed for the campaign all aim to make the private aspect of a period public. To put the fact that women mensturate in your face. To spark conversation between people in order to spread the message and awareness. The sanitary product dispensaries, which are usually placed in public bathrooms will be placed outside, where everyone can see it and accept that women need these products sometimes, and they should not be ashamed by it.  
The 2D pieces of the campaign focus on the idea of normalizing the idea of a period in the eye of the public. They consist of six posters which form three pairs.
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